Agnostos is a simple web-based task management system, allowing you to maintain a set of todo lists for a number of people, departments and workgroups.

Change of Maintainer

Agnostos is now maintained by Thomas Bernoulli and Matthias Guenter - the latest version (including user authentication, amongst many other improvements) can be obtained from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/agnostos/.

Archive of old site

If you want to download and use Agnostos, you should follow this link to Sourceforge where it is now hosted.

If you are overcome by a perverse desire to read about and download ancient versions of the software, then carry on reading.


The system is designed for ease and speed of use, and is primarily intended for small companies or project groups; it's designed simply to overcome the mental stack overflow I often experienced working as a project manager in a small company.

Documentation - is currently lacking (aside from basic installation instructions- see the file 'README' inside the tarball); this being the main reason that Agnostos isn't at version 1.0.0 yet. It will follow shortly, honest... ;-) [update 18 Oct 2000 - s/shortly/eventually/]


  1. Mysql (3.22.27 or later) - Agnostos will almost certainly work with earlier versions as well, but hasn't been tested below 3.22.27.
  2. Perl 5.005_03 or later
  3. The web server of your choice (must support CGI ;-) ) - tested with Apache (v. 1.3.9 and later), Zeus (v. 3.3.7)
  4. The following Perl modules: (from www.cpan.org or the .deb or .rpm packages for your preferred Linux distribution)
Agnostos should run on any platform which supports Perl and Mysql - I've had reports of it running on various distributions (Debian (Potato, Woody), Red Hat (6.x)) and kernel versions (2.2.x where x >= 14) of Linux without problems. Should anyone get it running on any other platform, I should be very grateful if they would email me (jtjm@xenoclast.org), along with platform specific installation instructions (if any), and I'll include details for other platforms here.

Platforms known to work
Platform Webserver Agnostos Version
Linux 2.2.x Apache, Zeus All
Solaris 2.6 Apache (1.2.13) 0.9.10
Solaris 7 Apache (1.3.9) 0.9.10
OpenBSD 2.8 Apache 0.9.11


The latest version is available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/agnostos/.

Old versions of the software may be downloaded from here, if you really must.

Agnostos is released under the GNU Public Licence.

You can verify that the version of Agnostos you have downloaded is identical to that which I originally uploaded by verifying the Open-PGP signature on it with: gpg --verify agnostos-<version>.tar.gz.sign agnostos-<version>.tar.gz . This signature is created using my jtjm@xenoclast.org key, which may be obtained from the keyservers (eg. www.keyserver.net), with key ID: BCC7863F.

Julian Midgley
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