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Warning - the following is now at least 8 months out of date (as of 22 April 2000)- VMWare is long out of beta; it's currently at version 2.0. I shall return and update what follows eventually... [Update: December 2008. Actually, no, it rather seems I won't.]

A few screenshots demonstrating VMware follow. VMware is very nice application, currently in beta, that allows you to run a virtual machine under Linux (or NT if you really must) on top of which you can then run the OS not of your choice (Win 98 in the examples below). (By which I mean I wouldn't normally chose to run WinXX of any variety, but on the occasions that I need it it's preferable to have it in a window under Linux so I can achieve useful stuff whilst waiting for it to boot, recover from its latest crash, or whatever).

I've had very few problems so far- the only applications which have refused to run have been those which require use of DirectX (Age of Empires and Alpha Centauri for example). Word and Excel run without difficulties, and perfomance is acceptable (to be fair, I am running it on a 450 PII with 128 MB, so YMMV, but I am quietly impressed). It at least means that I can do internet banking without having to reboot.


Click on the images for full-sized versions (no surprises there, then).
Booting the virtual machine ...

these being screenshots, a graphical browser is pretty much a necessity, I'm afraid

A couple of applications ...

yup, this is another jpg

Internet Explorer? Well, I haven't got round to installing Netscape yet, and anyway, I have Netscape on Linux :-)...

surprisingly enough, so is this. Even I wouldn't use Lynx for browsing a page of screenshots

A slightly larger window, and that annoying paperclip acting up for the camera...

The JPEG rears its ugly head once more

And back to sanity...

Et encore une fois, a blasted shot of a screen. If my ASCII art was up to it, you'd have a nice text piccy here. But, of course, it isn't. Ho humm

Julian T. J. Midgley
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