The Great Strawberry Dog Debate

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Whilst at a wedding recently, a certain infamous Jim Whitburn postulated the theory that people who preferred cats to dogs would also prefer raspberries to strawberries (or it might have been the other way round, I forget). This provoked much debate, with the general conclusion being that Jim didn't really know what he was talking about. The debate continued after the wedding, with the guests conducting further research amongst their friends. This site was created to obtain sufficient votes that we might have a statistically valid reason for declaring Jim to be wrong, thus forcing him to buy us all a round of drinks.

A message from the man himself:

"We all saw the US election. And the damage already evident from a few miscast votes.

Voting tactically cat/dog raspberry/strawberry could lead to yet further repercussions on a global scale, another International Treaty being lost, deterioration of relations between superpowers, new arms races. Do you want that?

Do not be swayed by cheap electioneering , for example offers of quick rounds of drinks. Vote how your conscience dictates. You have one vote, so please use it, and use it wisely.

Thank you,

Jim Whitburn"

Julian T J Midgley
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