Common operations

This document is in no sense complete; it is merely a starting point.

To submit a new bug: (used by everyone)

To claim a bug: (used by an arch developer)

Send email to with a subject of "[CLAIM]", and a body:

Bug: bugnum1
Bug: bugnum2
Bug: bugnum3

Alternatively, to claim a single bug, merely specify it in the subject of the email: [CLAIM: bugnum]

Punting a bug

Punting is the reverse of claiming - it marks the bug as unclaimed, and allows others to claim it instead.

Send email to the list with a subject: "[PUNT: bugnum]"

Rejecting a bug (used by all)

Send email to the list with a subject containing "[REJECT: bugnum]". The body should explain why the bug was rejected.

Submit a merge request (used by an Arch developer)

Send email to the list with subject line containing "[MERGE REQUEST] Merge Description". If you know who you want to merge your bug, then instead use "[MERGE REQUEST: username] Merge description"

For the body:

  1. If this merge involves any bugs, add Bug: [bugnum] for each one
  2. add line(s) with a fully qualified revision (me@here--2004/this--that--1--patch-1)
  3. have a line that says "thanks"
  4. Any additional information.

Submit a patch

Submit a merge request!

Andrew Suffield