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KPMG - A Fully Signed-Up Sponsor of the Dogbert School Of Management

KPMG have a corporate song, which is, needless to say, utterly nauseating. So nauseating, in fact, that KPMG won't allow their own employees to download it (provided said employees aren't bright enough to download it from outside the KPMG network). The only other explanations I can think of are either that KPMG want to flog the song to their employees on CD, and are afraid that access to the mp3 version might hurt sales, or that someone in the company is keen to scupper KPMG's chances of doing business with anyone sane enough to have read The Dilbert Principle, and doesn't want anyone else in the company to notice. Hmm...

The words to the chorus are reproduced below. If anyone can tell me what a "vision of global strategy" could possibly be, I'll include the explanations here. As far as I can tell, it's merely a vacuous gratuitous rhyme with 'KPMG'. Truly inspiring... and a minor miracle that they failed to work 'synergy' into the song anywhere.

KPMG - We're strong as can be,
A team of power and energy,
We go for the gold, together we hold
Onto our vision of global strategy.

If that hasn't scared you enough, you'll find the mp3 at the URL below, unless you're actually reading this from inside the KPMG network, in which case you're not allowed to download it "for security reasons". The mind boggles...
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